Spearfishing, Hunting, & Gathering!

Spearfishing is one the most popular activities among Gulf Coast divers. The Gulf of Mexico is rich with Marine life and the number and variety of game fish are amazing. The waters off the Florida Panhandle are known as some of the best spearfishing areas in the country. The northern Gulf of Mexico is home to an abundance of game species such as snapper, grouper, amberjack, flounder, triggerfish, wahoo, tuna, and cobia. Lobster and other shellfish are also plentiful.

Spearfishing is a specialty activity that requires a high level of skill and comfort in the water. New divers are always cautioned to not overburden themselves with complex tasks until they have achieved mastery of basic skills such as gas management and buoyancy control. Spearfishing specialty courses are available and are highly recommended. Spearfishing in Florida state waters and Federal waters further offshore are carefully managed for the protection of valuable game fish species. Please always check for size and bag limits before you take any fish.  A Florida saltwater fishing permit is required. Saltwater fishing license rules, bag limits, and size limits may vary from year to year.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Saltwater Fishing Regulations