Gas Fills

Air Fills and Gas Mixing

Air Fills, Enriched Air Nitrox Fills, and Oxygen fills are all possible due to our state of the art custom gas fill and blending station.

The Dive Pros offer the finest gas blending and fill station in the southeast. Multiple large volume air compressors coupled to our hyper filtration system and huge storage capacity form the core of a system that can deliver not only pure clean air to pressures up to 4500psi but also provide the base gas for custom blends of Enriched Air Nitrox. Our oxygen clean Haskell Booster pump enables us to not only precisely blend technical diving breathing gas but also gives us the ability to refill essential emergency supplies of 100% Oxygen.

With over 10,000 cubic feet of pre-mixed Enriched Air Nitrox on hand, the Dive Pros have the ability to fill most Enriched Air Nitrox requests while you wait. With our large banks of pre-mixed Nitrox, your cylinders are NOT required to be oxygen cleaned for mixes 36% and below.

Our fill station features multiple fill whips (standard and DIN) and 300psi per minute “dry” fills to get you on your way quickly and safely.

In compliance with Florida law Dive Pros takes quarterly air samples from our compressors and send them for analysis by independent state approved labs. This insures the highest quality breathing gases for your safe diving needs. Current test results and certifications are posted near our fill station for your inspection.



Standard Air Fill (up to 120cf/3500psi) – $6.95

Pony Bottle (up to 40cf/3000psi) – $5.50

High Volume/Pressure Fill (up to 150cf/4500psi) – $8.50

NITROX FILLS up to 36%

Standard Nitrox Fill (up to 130cf/3500psi) – $12.95

Pony Bottle (up to 40cf/3500psi) – $9.25

High Volume Nitrox Fill (up to 150cf/4500psi) – $14.25


100% Oxygen (up to 3500psi) – $0.75 per ft3

40%-80% (up to 40cf/3500psi) – $16

40%-80% (up to 80cf/3500psi) – $20


effective 02/01/2023 – Prices subject to change without notice

The Dive Pros are proud to support Firefighters and Emergency Services personnel and have the ability to fill SCBA life support equipment as needed.

Need gas for your Air Rifle or Paintball cylinders? We also fill HPA Air Rifle and Paintball cylinders with the capability to pump up to 4500PSI for composite tanks (Air only/No CO2).