Midshore Dives

Pete Tide II

Depth: 60-100ft
GPS Location: Latitude 30 08.760′ N Longitude 87 14.020′ W

The Pete Tide II is a 180′ former oil field supply boat that was sunk as an artificial reef in 1993. This fully intact wreck is one of the most popular sites in the area and always has a plethora of marine life surrounding it. The pilot house at the top of the structure sits at about 60′ with a max depth of around 100′ to the sand. Pete Tide II is a local favorite and one of 12 sites on the Panhandle Shipwreck Trail.

YDT-15 (Navy Dive Tender)

Depth: 75-100ft
GPS Location: Latitude 30 05.267′ N Longitude 87 09.550′ W

The YDT-15 is one of two US Navy diving tenders that were sunk in April 2000 as artificial reefs. It is located just about 500′ away from the sister ship YDT-14. The wreck has subsided quite a bit and most of the roof and pilot house are gone however quite a bit of structure and debris remains attracting a wide variety of marine life.

I-10 Bridge Rubble

Depth: 75-93ft
GPS Location: Site#1 – Latitude 30 06.750′ N Longitude 87 24.250′ W  Site#2 – Latitude 30 06.700N’ Longitude 87 25.300′ W  Site#3 – Latitude 30 06.700N’ Longitude 87 26.300’W  Site #4 – Latitude 30.06.600’N Longitude 87 27.500’W  Site#5 – Latitude 30 06.600’N Longitude 87 28.600’W  Site#6 – Latitude 30 06.550’N Longitude 87 29.550’W

The I-10 Bridge Rubble is actually a series of six separate reefs running in an east-west line. These reefs are made of the Interstate 10 bridge material which was partially destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. All together, these sites make up over 100,000 tons of concrete bridge spans and pilings. If they were in one place it would be 3 times bigger than the biggest artificial reef in the world, USS Oriskany. The total seafloor coverage of these sites is about the size of a Super Wal-Mart! The bridge material is stacked up to 30′ high in places, giving it a great deal of relief with thousands of hiding holes for fish and lobster. If you want to go somewhere and see a lot of marine life, this is the place. The depth ranges from 75′ to 93′ to the bottom.

YDT-14 (Navy Dive Tender)

Depth: 65-100ft
GPS Location: Latitude 30 05.330′ N Longitude 87 09.640′ W

YDT-14 is one of two US Navy diving tenders that were sunk in April 2000 as artificial reefs. The YDT-14 is 132′ long with a 30′ beam and remains mostly intact with the upper structure starting at around 65′ with a max depth of around 100′. This site is located roughly 18 miles southeast of Pensacola Pass and is one of 12 sites on the Panhandle Shipwreck Trail.

Tug Heron & LCM

Depth: 75-95ft
Location: Latitude 30 08.187′ N Longitude 87 13.684′ W

The Tug Heron and LCM Landing Craft were sunk next to one another as an artificial reef in 1990. The Heron is a 53′ steel tug which sits upright and lies next to the remnants of the 51′ LCM Landing Craft. Prior to being separated by Hurricane Opal in 1995, the Tug sat upside down on top of the LCM.

Tug Born Again

Depth: 70-95ft
Location: Latitude 30 08.222′ N Longitude 87 14.218′ W

Intentionally sunk as an artificial reef in January 1991, Tug Born Again lays in 95′ of water and is located roughly 13.5 miles from Pensacola Pass. The 65′ long tug boat is mostly intact but has subsided a bit over the years. Her hole is filled with 21 steel pipes approximately 18′ in length that extend over the decking where lobster and other critters can often be found hiding. While the wreck has begun to deteriorate it is still a wonderful site with a wide variety of sea life.