The Joseph L. Meek, a 480 foot long Liberty ship, was built for the Maritime Commission by the Oregon War Industries Ship Building Company in 1942. She was of the many “Ugly Duckling” ships rapidly constructed in civilian shipyards during World War II. Liberty Ships were used to transport troops and cargo to the Allied Forces in Europe. The Joseph L. Meek was launched on November 16, 1942 and became part of the James River Reserve fleet.

In 1976, she was removed from service and sunk as an artificial reef by the Department of Commerce. The Joseph L. Meek now rests in 95 feet of water seven miles out of Pensacola Bay. The ship sits upright with her sides rising 20 feet off the bottom. Many large game fish inhabit this area making it a popular spot for fisherman.

30 16.384′ N 87 09.574′ W