Continuing Education

Your SCUBA Diver  (Open Water) certification is just the beginning of your lifelong diver education.  It is a well know fact that all good divers are always learning and expanding their personal knowledge and competency.  The best way to expand your personal comfort zone is follow on education after your initial certification.    The Dive Pros offer a wide variety of Continuing Education (Con. Ed.) that will satisfy whatever needs or curiosities you may have.    Con. Ed. courses are also a great way to shake off the rust of a prolonged period of inactivity.  You have made the initial investment in your diver education now it’s time to take it to the next level!   Several of our most popular Con. Ed. courses are listed below.  

  • Fees are subject to change
  • Day/time estimates are aproximate

    All Courses may be upgraded to become a Private Course for an additional $200 fee.  Private Courses allow you to set a personal schedule with your instructor.  This is perfect for people who have busy schedules or who just want more one on one time with their instructor.


Advanced SCUBA Diver                                              

1 Weekend 5-6 dives

The Advanced course is the logical doorway that leads to all the advanced or more focused specialty courses that you may be interested in. Taking the Advanced course is also the best way to get a taste of diving’s most popular specialty activities.


Nitrox Diver                                                                  

3 Hour class 2 dives

Nitrox courses instruct the students in the physics and physiology of using enriched air. Special attention is paid to reinforcing the importance of limits and special procedures as new Nitrox divers learn the necessity of strict dive planning & dive discipline.


Oxygen Provider                                                         

3 Hour class

The most important first aid for a diving injury is the application of 100% oxygen via demand valve regulation. Because this course focuses on the needs of the recreational diver it is a mandatory course for anyone interested in dive leadership.


Rescue SCUBA Diver

9 Hour class, 2 dives

Being prepared for the unexpected can be the difference between inconvenience and disaster.  The Rescue SCUBA Diver course prepares you to recognize the early signs of trouble and teaches you the critical skills needed to evaluate, prevent or correct a dive emergency.


First Aid/ CPR/ AED or Emergency Responder

3-4 Hour class

Every diver should know basic first aid and CPR. This course is fully sanctioned and meets the requirements for any diver planning on advancement into diving leadership.

Master SCUBA Diver                                                   

2 Weeks, 8 dives

Intensive. Demanding. Tough. Challenging. Satisfying. Rewarding. These are all words that describe the pinnacle recreational diving certification course, Master SCUBA Diver. The Master SCUBA Diver course fulfills two separate divers’ needs; First is the need of those who simply want to be known as the best and who want to maximize their knowledge and enjoyment of recreational SCUBA diving. The second is for those who have seen the rewards possible as a professional in the world of recreational diving. For them the Master SCUBA Diver course is a prerequisite for a dive leadership course.  Whatever your reason you will gain not only great knowledge but a deep sense of personal accomplishment.


Specialties:  These courses focus on a particular area of interest and are designed to prepare the diver for the challenges and rewards associated with a high level of subject matter expertise.  Here are a few of our most requested courses.  This is not a complete list so if there is an area of particular interest to you please contact us for more details.

Underwater Photographer                                          

                4 Hours academics, 2 dives

The latest techniques and skills to master your digital underwater photo/video camera


Search and Recovery                                                    

                8 Hours academics, 4 Water Hours

Covers search methods, light salvage and recovery, limited visibility, and underwater navigation.


Night Diver                                                                            

                3 Hours academics, 3 dives

Learn how to safely plan and conduct recreational dives at night.


Spearfishing / Hunting & Collecting                                     

Provides the diver with the skills and knowledge necessary to spearfish, take game, and collect specimens.


Deep Diver                                                                    

          3 Hours academics, 4 dives

Provides the knowledge and skills to plan and conduct deep dives (60’-130’)


Wreck Diver                                                                  

          4 Hours academics, 2-4 dives

Learn how to safely plan and conduct dives on sunken vessels, aircraft, and other underwater artificial structures.


Equipment-Preventative Maintenance                        

                4 Hour seminar and demonstration

Covers routine care and maintenance for recreational SCUBA equipment.


Leadership:  Courses that prepare well qualified divers for the challenges of working in the dive industry. For more detailed information see Leadership under Learn to Dive.

Dive Master

Becoming a Leadership diver will require lengthy classroom study to become familiar with several important topic areas. Areas such as: Dive Industry Standards and Policies, Legal Considerations, Marketing and Client development, Supervising and Guiding techniques, and many others. In addition there are practical application dives where Divemaster candidates work with actual students and divers under the supervision of their Dive Pros Instructor / Mentor. The entire approach is similar to an apprenticeship program where you learn and hone your skills with experienced dive professionals as your guides.


Assistant Instructor                                                      

The NAUI Assistant Instructor rating teaches the skills needed and authorizes individuals to assist active status NAUI Instructors in the conduct of dive training. This course is also a highly recommended step in the progression to NAUI Instructor.