The I-10 Bridge Rubble is actually a series of six separate reefs running in an East West line. These reefs are made of the Interstate 10 bridge which was partially destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. All together, these sites make up over 100,000 tons of concrete bridge spans and pilings. If they were in one place it would be 3 times bigger than the  biggest artificial reef in the world, the Ex-USS Oriskany. The total seafloor coverage of these sites is about the size of a Super Wal-Mart! The bridge material is stacked up to 30′ high in places, giving it a great deal of relief with thousands of hidey holes for fish and lobster. If you want to go somewhere and see a lot of marine life, this is the place. The depth ranges from 75′ to 93′ to the bottom. This is also one of the more popular sites for spearfishing.

Site #1: 30 06.750N 87 24.250W

Site #2: 30 06.700N 87 25.300W

Site #3: 30 06.700N 87 26.300W

Site #4: 30 06.600N 87 27.500W

Site #5: 30 06.600N 87 28.600W