Heather Armstrong NAUI Cave and Technical Diving Instructor


I’ve always been a “water baby,”  swimming since almost before I could walk.  Growing up on the Gulf Coast made learning to dive a natural progression.  I started early and have gotten more interested every step of the way.  After college I spent a brief time on Guam, where I earned my SCUBA Instructor certification in 1994.  Guam was also where I began to take an interest in Technical Diving.  I moved back to Pensacola in 1995, and that was when I was bitten by the cave bug.  I’ve been teaching Cave and Technical Diving since 1998, and over the years have made well over 1,000 Cave and Trimix/Decompression dives each.


Over the years I have been a diver with the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP), Association of Underwater Explorers (AUE) and other research groups.  I’ve had the pleasure of helping to salvage a WW2 B25 bomber from Lake Murray, SC (where I met my husband) and to have been part of the search from Getrude Tomkins, the last missing WASP, in Santa Monica Bay, CA.  I’ve also been featured in a number of television productions as well as print media as both an underwater model and photographer.


On any given weekend you’ll likely find my husband and I gliding through an underwater cave on DPV’s or checking out an historical wreck…. somewhere in the world.


Favorite Course to Teach: Cavern- it’s great to watch people’s first reaction to the beauty of underwater caves!


Courses I Teach:

Intro to Technical Diving

Advanced Nitrox/ Decompression Procedures/ Helitrox

Trimix 1 and 2

Wreck Penetration


Cave 1 and 2



Diving “Bucket List”:

  1. Katsuragisan Maru- Truk Lagoon, Micronesia
  2. HMS Victoria- Lebanon
  3. RMS Lusitania- Ireland
  4. Resurgance du Ressell Cave- France


Contact info:


(850) 501-3347