USS Oriskany, “The Great Carrier Reef”

Pensacola is the final resting place for the USS Oriskany, the world’s largest artificial reef.  Come dive the USS Oriskany for a once in a lifetime adventure, seeing history as you’ve never seen it before. At 911′ long, 150′ tall and 146′ wide you will be awed by this majestic aircraft carrier. Sunk in 212′ of water only 22 miles from shore, it will attract all species of marine life from the smallest reef fish to the largest pelagic fish in the ocean.

NOTE: This is a very deep and challenging dive. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

  • Dive Pros policy does not encourage the mixing of recreational divers with technical divers on the same dive trip.
  • Please be honest with yourself and the Dive Staff regarding your comfort and experience level. It is an awe inspiring dive, but it is not worth getting hurt or dying to see.
  • This dive requires advanced levels of training, extensive experience and detailed preparations to minimize the possibility of injury.