Equipment Maintenance & Repair

SCUBA equipment is life support equipment.  When we enter the magical underwater world we go as visitors and adventurers carrying everything we need to explore and survive strapped to our bodies.  It is imperative that this equipment be in top working order at all times.

The Dive Pros maintenance and repair department is staffed by full-time factory trained technicians who can service most major lines of SCUBA life support equipment. 

Equipped with a variety of test equipment, specialty tools and an extensive inventory of parts our Techs will repair or service your equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications and tune it for optimum performance. 

No matter what your need or how “experienced” your equipment is the Dive Pros Techs will give you an honest assessment and provide you with options that can usually have you back in the water in less than a week.


Rental Equipment

The Dive Pros equipment rental department is well stocked with everything you will need to enjoy a day of diving.  Whether you are a traveling diver in need of a few items for a local Charter trip or a new diver who hasn’t decided what equipment to invest in our SCUBA Locker has it all.

The Dive Pros rental fleet features SCUBAPRO & AQUA LUNG products in a wide range of sizes.  SCUBA Cylinders are available  with either Air or Enriched Air (Nitrox), in sizes ranging from 60 cubic feet up to 120 cubic feet.  Both steel and aluminum cylinders are available.

Be sure to ask about our Premier Rental Fleet. Top of the line equipment complete with dive computers.


Gas Fills

Unless you have gills you are gonna need our gas fills.  Air Fills, Enriched Air Fills, Tri-mix fills and Oxygen fills are all possible due to our state of the art custom gas fill and blending station.  If you can breathe it we can pump it!

The Dive Pros offer the finest most versatile Gas blending and fill station in the Southeast.  Multiple large volume air compressors coupled to our hyper filtration system and huge storage capacity form the core of a system that can deliver not only pure clean air to pressures up to 4500psi but also provide the base gas for custom blends of Enriched Air Nitrox and Tri-mix.  Our Oxygen clean Haskell Booster pump enables us to not only precisely blend technical diving breathing gas but also gives us the ability to refill essential emergency supplies of 100% Oxygen.

With over 8000 cubic feet of pre-mixed Enriched Air Nitrox on hand, the Dive Pros have the ability to fill most Enriched Air Nitrox requests in just a few minutes.

Our fill station features multiple fill whips, (standard and DIN), and 300psi per minute “dry” fills to get you on your way quickly and safely.



Our Dive Pros facilities have been specially designed to help us bring you the best service and convenience possible.  With over 2000 square feet of Retail space our inventory is one of the largest and most complete you will find anywhere.  Great care and thought go into selecting the finest diving equipment available from only the very best and most reputable companies in the business.   Our equipment repair and maintenance facility is manned by factory trained techs with the latest in tools and test equipment backed by a huge supply of parts and repair kits.  The Dive Pros SCUBA Training Pool is the only one of its kind on the Gulf Coast.  A shallow four foot deep section allows for training and skill development while our 12 foot deep training well allows students to experience a taste of what it is like to be suspended weightless in Openwater.  Just a few feet across the pool deck are our two spacious classrooms where students learn all things SCUBA  in a comfortable environment.   We want to make your learning and shopping experience the best it can possibly be.  That is why we continue to add and improve our facilities whenever we can.